About Us

Everything is Budeful

The concept for Budeful was born whilst walking on the beaches and grassy downs in Bude. With its stunning views of the Pepper Pot and Summerleaze Beach, this brand idea came into being.

Everything at Budeful started with love. Love of quality of design. Love of beautiful products; love of the environment and love of life and people. Netty Wilson and Nathan Bone, both knew they had created something special.

The co-creators of Budeful held onto their concept and belief in what they were creating. What kept both designers working on their dream, was their creativity and sense of humour. Together with their expertise, they brought the Budeful brand to life.

Inspired by Art Deco, their collections will add instant style to any interior. More designs are in development and will be available in store and online very soon. These two designers will very busy creating and innovating over the coming months.

Our Budeful Environment

At Budeful we understand the importance of balancing business with the environment. They identified the difficulty consumers face when making a decision about their purchases. It was important for them to supply products to market that their customers can believe in. Each product that Budeful supplies for retail, has a rating for its impact on the environment. Budeful uses limited and recycled packaging where possible. Their company ethos is to keep the world around us sustainable and Budeful.

Our Budeful Philosophy

So what makes great design?

At Budeful our belief is that everything was once a concept which then becomes a reality. We ask: ‘Has all care and consideration gone into the design of an object and it’s impact on the world around us?’ At Budeful we like to think we have done the thinking for you. Since we began in 2016, the necessary thought and consideration goes into all our designs. We have breathed pure love into everything we do so you can enjoy our products in your daily lives.

To guide us, we have a basic set of questions we ask. We want our conscious consumers to be able to relax in the knowledge that we vet all our suppliers so you don’t have to.

What if you knew:

  • the environmental impact of your purchasing decision before you made it?
  • the supply chain used got scored to follow environmental standards?

Would you be more willing to purchase from such a retailer? Currently in the U.K. and possibly globally no retailer can supply this information. Budeful believes this is a missed opportunity. This is why Budeful aim to be one of the greenest retailers within the U.K. and aim to be one of the greenest globally.

What ‘Green Credentials’ Budeful looks for:

  • Geographical location of suppliers / manufacturers
  • Where possible Budeful will only use U.K. suppliers.
  • Materials used and waste generated
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Sourcing sustainable / recyclable / bio-degradable materials
  • Packaging materials using either FSC approved or recycled stocks.
  • Products we commission are able to have a long and useful life
  • Once products have reached the end of its useful life, it is easily reused, up-cycled or recycled
  • Volunteer product information on how products impact on the environment
  • Provide a score based on it’s environmental credentials to help you make informed choices.

At Budeful, our belief is that our customers can trust a brand that offers this kind of information. Budeful as a brand recognises the needs to lead and innovate and be at the forefront of real positive change where the environment is concerned. That is why both Netty and Nathan hold this principle dear to their business ethos and they are staking their business success and reputation on it.

One of Budeful’s aim is to only work with U.K. based manufacturers now and in the future. Budeful believes the standards in quality are based within the U.K. and historically the U.K. has always had an excellent reputation for outstanding and high quality manufacturing. As such Budeful is keen to hear from any U.K. based suppliers that echo our company ethos and can assist us with our brand.

Our aim for Budeful is that it will be a recognised household name. We would like to have significant global presence with recognition for good business. Our Budeful dream is to become an example of how great design sits with sustainability.

Our Budeful Mission

The Budeful mission is simple: to create a ‘Charming British Designer Lifestyle Brand.’

Our Budeful Thank You

We would like to thank you for taking time to read this and for your support in both the Budeful Brand and its products. We hope you will continue to follow us here on this website and on our social media platforms.

“Thank you for your faith in our ethos and merchandise. We hope you will love our items as much as we have loved creating them.”